ExAct Titan brings new ideas into military fire suppression

ExAct Titan is a pioneering fire suppression system that extends the use of a bus-based operations model to mobile military applications. The system uses advanced, military-specific CAN (Controller Area Network) technology. The design of the system is modular, the system consisting of standardized, addressable components.

The ExAct Titan system components form an addressable CAN bus loop starting from and ending at the ExAct Titan Control Unit. The use of CAN bus technology ensures fast and reliable communication between the system components. As a result, the system is always up to date and capable of immediate response. Additionally, even if the cable loop is hit by a fragment, the system will continue to operate.

Vehcile and the ExAct Titan CAN bus.

ExAct Titan integrates with vehicle control systems (vehicle management systems, C4I etc.). The system responds to changes in vehicle operation and adapts its operation accordingly. The system operates differently e.g. when the vehicle is in motion or when the vehicle is parked and unoccupied. ExAct Titan also transmits critical information to vehicle systems.

The ExAct Titan system quickly detects and suppresses all fires

The ExAct Titan Fire Suppression System for armoured military vehicles detects and suppresses all fires, whether slowly growing or instantaneous, small or large. Explosive fires and armour penetrations are detected and suppressed in milliseconds and slow-growth fires in a couple of seconds. Improved fire safety makes it possible for the crew to stay in the vehicle if a fire occurs.

The reliable operation of the ExAct Titan system is based on several factors. These include fast and secure local bus communication, intelligent component design, and advanced built-in self-testing and self-diagnostics. The ExAct Titan system is further characterized by high false alarm immunity and low maintenance requirement.

Because the system comprises only six different component types, the need for spare parts is minimized. Furthermore, the system is easy to use and maintain, and the need for training is minimal.

All in all, the ExAct Titan military fire suppression system succeeds in combining modular system design, CAN bus technology and excellent fire detection and fire suppression capabilities into superior fire protection performance.

Click below to explore the benefits of the ExAct Titan system:

  • Excellent protection
  • Only a few component types
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Ultra-fast detection and suppression of fires and explosions
  • Reliable operation, high false alarm immunity
  • Safe operation — protecting the people, property and the environment
  • Excellent technical performance characteristics
  • Level of protection tailored to the application requirements
  • Standardized, addressable components
  • The same components for different applications
  • Components configured to specific application needs
  • Components can be upgraded and reused if requirements change
  • Fewer components minimize the need for spare parts and training
  • An inexpensive way to increase the safety of the crew and the vehicle
  • Components feature superior MTBF and MTTR values
  • Self-testing and self-diagnostics minimize the need for periodic maintenance
  • Low configuration management costs due to small number of components
  • Short service downtime: quick replacement of plug-and-play components
  • Long system service life
  • Commonality of components and procedures across systems and applications
  • Can be customized for a variety of applications
  • Protects 1 to 4 separate compartments in one vehicle
  • Maximum number of components 32
  • Components can be combined in numerous ways to create the desired configuration
  • System configuration can be modified as requirements change
  • The same components are suitable for new vehicles, upgrades and modernizations
  • Fully automated system operation
  • Minimal user intervention required
  • The user interface unit provides context-sensitive options
  • Critical information communicated to the vehicle control system
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Minimal servicing required


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