Components of the ExAct Titan military fire suppression system

Intelligent ExAct Titan AFSS components

ExAct Titan is an Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS) for armoured military vehicles and containers. The ExAct Titan AFSS consists of standardized, intelligent components that have been specially developed to protect military vehicles and their crews from fires.

The ExAct Titan components are able to deliver excellent fire protection performance in harsh military conditions. For example, the AFSS components detect an explosive fire in less than 3ms and suppress the fire in even less than 120ms.

Small number of standardized components

The ExAct Titan automatic fire suppression system comprises only six different component types. This is not many compared with conventional fire protection systems. The addressable ExAct Titan components can be combined in different ways and in different numbers to create the desired system configuration.

The components are configured through the ExAct Titan Control unit and can be installed plug and play. In addition to one control unit, each system may contain 32 other components. The same components can even be used in different applications.

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  • ExAct Titan User Interface Unit
  • ExAct Titan Flame Detector
  • ExAct Titan Extinguishing Cylinder
  • ExAct Titan Control Unit
  • ExAct Titan Alarm Unit
  • ExAct Titan Heat Profile Detector

User Interface Unit informs the operator of the status of the fire suppression system

  • The ExAct Titan User Interface Unit informs the user of system status.
  • The user interface unit provides a means to control system operation.
  • The graphical user interface displays context-sensitive information and options.

Flame detector detects fires and explosions reliably in milliseconds

  • The ultra-fast, intelligent ExAct Titan Flame Detector detects both flaming fires and explosions.
  • The flame detector senses explosive fires and armour penetrations in less than 3ms.

Extinguishing cylinders store and supply extinguishing agent to quickly suppress fires

  • The ExAct Titan Extinguishing Cylinder provides fast and reliable suppression of fires.
  • An explosive fire in the crew compartment is suppressed in even less than 120ms.

Control unit monitors and controls the operation of the fire suppression system

  • The ExAct Titan Control Unit coordinates and controls the operation of the components.
  • The control unit also communicates with vehicle systems.
  • A built-in UPS ensures power supply to the fire detection and fire extinguishing equipment during power failures.

Alarm unit gives warnings of fires

  • The ExAct Titan Alarm Unit combines an alarm beacon, a sounder and a manual release button in one device.
  • In case of fire, the alarm unit gives audible and visual warnings to the crew and enables the manual release of extinguishant.

Heat profile detector senses fires in the engine compartment

  • The uniquely designed ExAct Titan Heat Profile Detector senses abnormally high temperature rises caused by fires.
  • The component is ideal for the early detection of fires in confined spaces, such as engine compartments.


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