ExAct Titan – Military vehicle fire suppression systems

Re-thinking fire protection

The ExAct Titan fire suppression systems protect military vehicles and containers against fires

ExAct Titan is a military fire suppression system for armoured vehicles and containers.
The state-of-the art system is proudly designed and manufactured by Mikro-Pulssi Oy , Finland.

In today’s turbulent world situation, having military vehicles protected with an effective and reliable fire suppression system is more important than ever. The ExAct Titan Automatic Fire Suppression System protects armoured military vehicles and containers against fire threats both in peacetime and during military operations.

The ExAct Titan military vehicle fire suppression systems provide protection against various modern fire threats: improvised explosive devices (IEDs), fuel tank explosions, penetrating hits, electrical malfunctions and oil leakages.
Furthermore, the systems prevent pressure build-up, temperature rise and formation of toxic gases.

Click on the image links below to find information about the systems and components!

Read more about the ExAct Titan systems.

Read more about the intelligent system components.


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